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How to organize a wedding on the beach?

The first thing you should keep in mind when organizing a beach wedding is to choose the place. Currently, there are two ways to do beach weddings: to perform the ceremony on a public beach with prior permission from the relevant authorities or to book an event house for the ceremony and reception with a wonderful ocean view.

The coastal cities of Colombia such as Cartagena, Santa Marta and Barranquilla have a wide range of places and event houses with beautiful views of the sea for the perfect dream wedding. Opting for this option means you don't have to worry about how to transport your guests to the reception after the ceremony. Indeed, performing the wedding in a coastal city has become very popular in couples residing in the interior of the country.

10 tips to keep in mind when coordinating a beach wedding

1. Choose an appropriate date

Choosing the dates to perform the wedding on the beach can be a challenge. For this, two important aspects must be taken into account: the day of the week and the season. As in all types of weddings, the choice of wedding day influences the availability and savings in an event house as people marry on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. The rest of the days of the week may turn out to be cheaper or with greater opportunity to obtain promotions.

Because beach destinations are very popular during vacations, hotels and event rooms at tropical destinations during high seasons are at full capacity. If you would like to obtain special discounts and more hotel options to book for your guests, it is advisable to book your big day in low season like January, June, July, August and September. The rest of the months are considered high season depending on the final destination.

2. The weather

For an outdoor wedding, weather is an essential factor. In the previous advice we show that months ranging from May to September are generally low season for beach weddings. This is mainly due to the increase in temperature and rainfall. This type of weather is very uncomfortable for guests, especially if they are not accustomed to heat and humidity.

Regardless of the month, a beach wedding means that it will be a warm climate, with a lot of breeze and sun, so it is good to have a plan B in case it rains like renting a tent, an adjoining closed room, a cabin, a hut, among others.

3. Invitations

Once the date and location of the wedding have been chosen, the next step is to design wedding invitations that encourage your guests to attend your wedding. There you will publicize the style and theme of the decoration, so these invitations should always be consistent with these two elements. Beach wedding invitations have a more casual style and livened up with design elements allusive to the sea such as corals, palm trees, fish, starfish and shells. Always remember that an invitation is the first impression of your wedding that your guests will have, do not forget to show them that they will be looking forward to. If the beach destination is quite far from your place of residence, it is best to deliver the invitations with a longer invitation time than is customary.

4. Bride Dress

The philosophy on which beach weddings are inspired is very different and does not follow the regular conduct of weddings. For this reason, everything must be original but also according to the time and place. Beach wedding dresses also have certain rules: fresh fabrics, greater variety of colors (especially beige), anda bohemian and relaxed style.

Both the bride and the groom should opt for more languid and steamy dresses and suits that give it a romantic and purity touch that harmonizes with the beach setting. The bohemian style are generally associated with beach style weddings. This style is defined by the use of lace, linen, not very long skirts and accessories made of flowers such as crowns, bracelets and necklaces.

For beach bridal shoes, you can also choose sandals with rhinestones or platforms, always considering the limitations of the weather and terrain.

The groom's suit on the beach is worn in various shades of white and with the same regulations as the wedding dresses. The option of using tuxedo or frac is inconvenient because of weather and comfort regulations. Lighter fabric jackets also make a good complement.

5. Attire at beach weddings

Following the theme of clothing, can you imagine attending a beach wedding and not being able to walk in the sand through the heels? Due to the special conditions of beach weddings, dress etiquette has a more casual approach. This should consider first and foremost the comfort of the guests. Fresh fabrics and pastel or bright colors are the best allies to know how to dress at a beach wedding. In the case of men, it can be used with long or short sleeve shirt and trousers, especially if it is linen because it is light, fresh and elegant or with a very cool jacket such as cotton.

For women, it is an excellent opportunity to wear a special hairstyle, it is always recommended to wear the collected hair so that the breeze or the sun does not ruffle it. Braided hairstyles are favorites; and of course do not forget to wear shoes or sandals with platform and low height because the ground can be unstable, be it stones, snails, sand or grass.

6. Decoration for beach weddings

It is very wise to assume that a beach wedding requires less effort when it comes to decoration. Nature will provide much of the decoration, but you must also keep in mind how to match all the elements with that background scenario.

The decoration for beach weddings generally refers to themes or elements that have to do with the sea, such as palm trees, starfishes, the sun or corals. For the color palette at beach weddings, bright tones are usually preferred to contrast with the white sand and the bride's dress. The most used colors in the decoration of beach events are yellow or blue tones that go very well with the theme of peace and freedom that implies being near the sea.

Because the wedding is outdoors you have to take care of the details of the decoration to avoid being damaged or dulled out with the intense sun or so that the food is always fresh. Choose a type of flowers that can withstand high temperatures for several hours, as well as avoid placing paper napkins or thank you cards on the tables that can fly with the wind.

7. Sources of hydration

Offering hydration points is an original idea for this type of wedding. You can have water dispensers, a table with flavored waters, canoes with national beers, waiters distributing alcohol, jugs full of water and ice at each table. All these options are available to make sure everyone is hydrated during the event. Consider using local drinks such as cocktails with coconuts, natural lemonades and other tropical drinks.

8. Buffet options

For food options, you can choose among the traditional banquet, buffet style party or light entrances throughout the night. For the menu, you can offer seafood as one of the options at the entrances or on the main course and confirm in advance if guests are vegan, vegetarian or allergic. Generally, the buffet will highlight local dishes such as fish, seafood, cocktail juices and other typical products.

9. Souvenirs / gifts for guests

The beach might inspire you to give guests gifts as a token of remembrance of your great day. These souvenirs could be fans, traditional umbrellas, decorative umbrellas, hats, glasses or sandals.They are all very useful for this type of scenario. Do not doubt that your guests will appreciate your consideration to help them feel more comfortable in the duration of the event.

10. Transportation

It is essential to evaluate the accessibility of the chosen location, especially if it is a remote place that requires providing your guests with transportation. Bear in mind that the further the location is from a city, the higher the chances of encountering logistics problems. Hiring an ideal transportation company means ensuring to arrive safely and easily to the place. These companies usually have special regulations for extraordinary cases.

Beach weddings in Colombia

Due to its privileged geographical position, the Colombian coast is an ideal destination for a beach wedding. Whether you live abroad or another region, Colombia has many beaches in different cities that are the perfect setting for a spectacular wedding.

Cartagena de Indias is the favorite destination of celebrities and residents of colder cities. Its architectural beauty and history add to the charm and magic of the beach. Being a privileged destination, Cartagena boasts of luxurious hotels and lounges overlooking the sea.

The archipelago of San Andres and Providencia is not only a favorite destination for the honeymoon, but also for the ceremony. The beautiful sea of ​​7 colors and the connection with nature will surely put the magic touch to your marriage

Another favorite destination of the Colombian Caribbean coast is Santa Marta, a city that, like the previous options, offers a wide variety of hotels, lounges and restaurants for the wedding. Likewise, you can make your wedding as original as possible, including nature or participating in special rituals with the indigenous people of Tayrona Park in the Sierra Nevada with a special permit.

Ultimate recommendations

  • Beach weddings should not take place in the morning due to the intensity of the sun's rays, evenings or more specifically sunsets are ideal because coasts are more clear and the temperature has dropped.

  • If the ceremony will be held on a public or private beach, do not forget to process the necessary permits to avoid problems with the authorities for doing an outdoor event.

  • Makeup should be long lasting for warm weather.

  • Do not place stationery such as name or thank you cards on the tables that can blow with the wind. For the same reason, cloth and non-paper napkins should be used.

  • Desserts attract bees, ants and other assorted insects. For this reason, it is best to set up the candy table (Visit: Candy Buffet Bars and Cheese or Deli Tables) only for a period of time or to have desserts packed in transparent bags, boxes or jars.

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